who is this blog for?


This blog is for travellers of all kind but you might find it especially useful if you are:

  1. on a budget;

  2. vegan

We’re sharing tips and stories for fellow travel lovers and backpackers on a tighter budget who tend to choose authentic experiences over comfort and luxury.

We’re putting the focus on cruelty free lifestyle, local businesses and a minimal and responsible way of travelling.

We are not “professional bloggers” so you will not find sponsored content or posts where someone paid us to write about their business. We only write about places we have actually been to ourselves. Each post reports on our ups and downs while travelling, what we encountered in each place, our honest opinions, and what we have learned from every situation that has been thrown at us.
We want to inspire more people to take their time and wander, even if it’s just to the other side of your home country, and strive to do so in a responsible, conscious and compassionate way.

Take a little pride in being a bit of a broke ass traveller, that definitely takes a lot more guts and creativity. And always remember that travelling is a privilege, no matter the budget.


Peace & Love & Travel & Beer


Alcatraz Island, March 2017