Catching the Sunset at Montserrat


Montserrat is only a short 45km drive away from Barcelona, however, as we were coming all the way from Madrid it involved 5+ hours driving time.

By the time we got there, the funicular railway was already closed. (We did spend quite some time in an underground parking lot in Madrid wondering why the GPS for our rental car is not connecting - turns out you need to be somewhere that actually has signal, not underground, for it to work - here’s a tip for less techy minded/clueless people)

The word ‘Montserrat’ literally means a ‘sawed edge’ or something along those lines referring to the unique shape of these rock formations.

We admired the views from the mirador - viewing platform – and did set out to hike up to Sant Jeroni, the highest point of the mountain, peaking at 1,236 m. We were nearly halfway there before we had to run for our lives. It started getting progressively darker and consequently, we started coming up with all kinds of horror movie scenarios, as you do.

Even though we were not on point with our planning, it was definitely worth the trip and seeing the sunset over the Montserrat mountain range was an amazing thing to experience. Maybe what made it even more special was getting there late, when most of the tourists have left.

Montserrat’s distinctive beauty has attracted people from all over the world for centuries, from Holy Grail hunters inspired by legends and stories surrounding the area to pilgrims all flocking to visit the Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey as a spiritual destination.

For us though, what we found was that when you’re really looking, that Holy Grail is right in front of your eyes the whole time.