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Some say churros is a breakfast food, we say breakfast, lunch, dinner, any time of the day, besides as a wise woman once said 'Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food?'. Luckily, we were staying near Maestro Churrero and it did not disappoint.

*NOTE - Churros are vegan but chocolate they serve most often is not.

For most delicious vegan burgers in town, head to Zombie Bar,approved by people with various kinds of dietary inclinations. 

To stock up for something on the road, we were lucky to find Planeta Vegano, located on Calle del Ave María 34, 28012, which is a mini Whole Foods type shop for all your vegan sandwich ingredients needs and more. 

Regarding the famous paella, originally a Valencian rice dish which has become synonymous with Spanish cuisine overall, we have a recommendations on where NOT to go. Don’t eat central and around Plaza Mayor. It’s overpriced, paellas are super underwhelming and the service is hella rude. In addition, and this is true to all of the restaurants we checked in this area, if you want to sit outside, be prepared to add 10% extra on your bill. 


Circulo de Bellas Artes hosts arts events and exhibitions downstairs but its rooftop terrace has the best 360 views of the city. The 4 euro fare to the top is well worth. Excluded of the entry fee is the overpriced rosé of questionable quality but luckily we wouldn't really know the difference. We came for the views!

If you’re a cheap ass like us, you will appreciate 100 montaditos. If you know UK, this is proabably the equivalent of Weatherspoons pub chain but even cheaper and with better food.

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