Barcelona | How Not To Get Robbed


One of our first stops in Barcelona was Labyrinth Park of Horta (Parc del Laberint d'Horta), which is just on the outskirts of the city. We spent a good hour wandering around the park, it has a truly extraordinary atmosphere and we felt kind of enchanted by the place. We even found a spot to park our car for free. Happy days? Wrong. We came back to a smashed car window and all of our stuff stolen from the trunk.

Without getting too much into how much it sucks, here are some top tips –

  • Never leave your car parked in remote free parking spots in the outskirts of Barcelona if you fancy not getting robbed.  I know it might be tempting when you see a sweet free spot as parking itself in Barcelona can be quite difficult to find and expensive. You might have to pay way more for it in the end. 
  • If you have a rental car, peel off the sticker of the rental company or anything that might indicate that it’s rented as soon as you get it to attract less attention. Obviously this is not something that the rental companies would ever advise or agree with but do it anyway. 
  • Don’t take a lot of cash with you. I know it sounds quite obvious but seriously, just don’t. Also, if you haven’t heard of Revolut yet, get it here. It will make your travel spending so much easier and cost-effective, no cash and ridiculous currency exchange and bank fees involved.  
  • Adding to that, don’t take a lot of anything with you. Travel extra light so if this happens, you have less stuff to steal. And most definitely don’t take any items of sentimental value (goodbye forever my Black Sabbath t-shirt from their last tour ever - I’m still mourning my loss)
  • The only positive thing is, you can consider yourself hella lucky if you have Primark in close proximity and fortunately we found one in Barcelona. We might not be 100% on board with them from the ethical standpoint but if you are desperate for a change of underwear on cheap, it surely helps.

And lastly, of course it sucks. But you have to remind yourself that worse things have happened to better people and really there are way more awful places to be broke than Barcelona. So in the end put it all down to experience, take whatever you have left from your savings, grab a few tins of Estrella and head to Barcelonetta for some stress soothing well deserved beach and beer time. Do not let it ruin your whole trip because there is still so much left to see and stupid bad breaks happen and you will know better next time.


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