Getting around Kuala Lumpur



Kuala Lumpur is definitely not well designed for pedestrians so if you’re the kind of person who prefers walking to get a better feel of the place, be prepared to trek alongside speedways, construction sites, up and down stairs and to wait forever on crossing lights to go green. Add that to Malaysia’s tropical climate and the smog effect that pollution causes in any big city and you’ll soon find out that walking in KL not only takes a long time but is also not the most pleasurable experience.

So if you want to give your legs some rest, here are the best ways to get around Kuala Lumpur:

  • Go KL City Bus is a FREE bus service with four routes around the city that also cover the main tourist destinations including Petronas Towers, Jamek Mosque, Bukit Bintang and National Museum. The stops are marked with the Go KL bus logo and the buses are purple so look out for that as there are also other paid buses that might be on the same route. In peak times the buses go as often as every 5 min. For more info, click here.

  • There is also monorail, train and subway lines. We didn’t use those much, but you do get some decent views of the central areas in the overground trains. Find more info here.  

  • By far the most convenient way of getting around is GrabCar – basically a Malaysian version of Uber. The minimum fare is MYR 4 ~ less than £1, and, of course depending on demand, crossing the city from side to side will usually only cost up to MYR 12 ~ £2.20

*Top Tip*

If you can tell a thunderstorm is coming and you don’t have any other means of transportation available, grab the car as soon as you can because the prices will double as it starts pouring down!

  • There are also the good old taxis that you can hail from the side of the road, you will recognise them by the classic roof taxi sign light. The good thing about them is that they are metered so the rate will be the same no matter the weather and they really saved us one time when there were no GrabCar drivers around and we were short on time to catch our bus out of KL. In the end, it turned out even cheaper than using the Grab app, so if you’re not that tech-savvy or can’t be bothered to use your phone go for those.