Affordable Vegan Food in Kuala Lumpur


 If you’re vegan and travelling on a budget, you’re in for a challenge. To make your life slightly easier, here are some suggestions that hopefully will help with your food quest in Kuala Lumpur.


Hutong Food Court at Lot 10

Located at the lower ground floor of Lot 10 shopping complex, Hutong Food Court has some of the best Malaysian heritage hawker food stalls gathered under one roof. It’s designed to resemble a maze of streets and alleys of old Beijing.

With so much on offer, you will find a few vegetarian options, just ask to skip the eggs or dairy to make it vegan. There are also some sides like deep fried tofu cubes or stir-fried green dragon veggies and mushrooms that you can bundle up with a portion of rice for a straight vegan combo.
From my experience, if you ask for it and if possible, everyone will try to accommodate you. The average price for a dish here is around MYR 10 -15 (£1.80 - £2.80).


Central Market

Filled with souvenir, arts and crafts stalls, and a food court on the top floor that offers at least one sure shot plant-based option: at Green Bowl salad bar you can get a vegan bento box for MYR 10.90 (~£2.00). It comes with rice, tempeh, salad, some fruit and a side of miso soup.


Suria KLCC Food Court

The luxury shopping mall located at the base of Petronas Towers has a food court with several vegetarian options and Japanese bento stalls that serve plant-based options.
The key is to make sure to ask to skip meat or eggs as ‘vegan’ might be interchangeable with ‘vegetarian’ for locals. It’s slightly pricier than other food courts in the city but that goes with the location.


Chinatown food stalls

If you’re after authentic and cheap street snacks, look out for satay stalls in Chinatown. You can find a few in the main market area on Petaling street.

Satay usually refers to marinated, skewered and grilled or deep fried meat, but you can also find plenty of plant-based sticks with tofu, mushrooms and other veggies. Do make sure to ask before you buy as some of the tofu served is mixed with animal ingredients and there are also meat/fish-balls that can look deceivingly identical to tofu cubes.