Kuldiga - The Heart of Courland


Situated in Courland, the Western part of Latvia, Kuldīga is its old capital. 155 km away from the capital city Riga, it stands out from other provincial towns in the region with its medieval old city centre, well-preserved architecture and authentic wooden buildings. The oldest remaining wooden house here dates back to 1670.

Kuldīga is also known for Venta Rapid, which, being 249m wide (270m during high season), is Europe’s widest naturally formed waterfall. Don’t come expecting head-spinning heights though, WIDE not high is the keyword here. The city is sometimes referred to as the Venice of Latvia due to the waterfalls and river surrounding and flowing through the area. 

Other places to see include the Old Town Hall & Square, Medieval historical centre on the banks of river Alekšupīte and Liepāja street promenade with wooden houses dotted around it. Most of them are built between 17th - 20th centuries in various architectural styles.

If you’re visiting during Summer, you will get to see more, given the not freezing-to-the-bone temperatures and can even go for a swim in the Rapids.

During Spring and Autumn, it’s possible to observe quite an interesting phenomenon of ‘flying fish’ - during which the spawning fish are trying to get over the waterfall by jumping through the air.

Kuldīga is worth a wander and an interesting step back in time if you are looking to see Latvia beyond the capital and bigger cities.