once upon a time...two ladies went to a pub


Hello! We are two best friends and rookie travellers, Anete & Ieva, who love to trip together, drink beer and share our stories. 

Trying to travel as often as we can and paying the rent in London is the kind of artform we take pride in. It's not always about going to the other end of the world, even Wales can be RAINforest exotic if you're lucky with your timing.

 As our budget is pretty tight, we are always looking for the best deals on everything. Knowing that we are not the only ones who love to travel, but can’t always quite afford it, we decided to make this website where we share the best stories, tips that will save you some cash, interesting facts about each place we go to, local beers and vegan spots.

 It might not be too challenging to travel when you are well-off but we wouldn’t know so we decided to share some of our insight to show that it's possible for anyone to be happy drunk and trip around the world and make it worth your while. Worth it worth it. Beer.